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This was another idea that just popped into my head at some point and I thought it would be interesting to make. I didn’t do anything about the idea for a few months because I was busy working on Justatic (I assume) and after that kind of fizzled out I thought I would start playing around with the concept.


The idea I had was to create an online poll where the choices for the poll were dynamic (hence… dynapoll). I think I was seeing a lot of polls at the time that were asking a certain question and the answers that I could vote for never really included the answer that I would want to vote for. So I had the idea that a true poll, a non biased poll, should actually have no answer choices initially and the choices would evolve as people participated in the poll.

So Dynapoll is a site where anyone can post a poll question and at first there are no choices to vote for. The first participant comes along and actually types in their response to the poll question. The next participant comes along and either votes for the one choice previously suggested or suggest their own. This continues as more and more people participate and you end up with a primary group of choices which float to the top and a series of alternatives which float to the bottom but could be promoted to the top list if they get enough interest. Choices that never get any interest after being suggested will likely eventually drop off both the primary and alternative list.

I still reckon this is a great idea and I really wish I knew how to tell those that make polls that this is the way to go – but it seems that even those that know about it don’t seem to see why it is such a good way to make a poll! :(


Finished around April 2010


The site is written in PHP using Codeigniter with a MySQL database. I created it from scratch and designed/developed every aspect myself. I also created a WordPress plugin for it to allow people to embed polls that they create on their WordPress blogs. This was a really great idea because it generated and continues to generate quite a few visits and uses of my Dynapoll polls!




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