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my name is Alasdair Boyd.

About Me

I work in the Contact Centre industry as a Principal Consultant for my own Professional Services business based out of Brisbane Australia. Our business specialises in Genesys services and bespoke application development.

I have been a Genesys consultant since 2001 and have been working in the Contact Centre industry since 1996. I'm passionate about web development which I took up as a hobby in 2008 when I looked at PHP and in particular the Codeigniter PHP Framework.

A bit of history

  • 1988

    BASIC for MS-DOS

    Found the manual for BASIC in the desk drawer of our computer desk host to our Amber screen 8088 XT Atari PC. My love of programming was born!

  • 1989


    Taught myself QuickC at 13 years of age. As this was a compiled language and I was working on an 8088XT with 640k RAM I will never forget how frustrating it was to watch the thing compile for 5 minutes only to find there was a bug!

  • 1994

    Graduated from High School

    At this point is it really relevant what I studied at school? I loved Modern History and German Language, appreciated English, suffered through Physical Education, did OK in Computer Science and felt no love for Maths.

  • 1996

    Dropped out of University!

    I was offered a full-time job as Call Centre Statistician in a Contact Centre where I worked casually. I wasn't enjoying university and it turns out this was probably the best decision I ever made.

  • 1999

    Given title of Macro Man

    Taught myself Visual Basic for Excel and created several automated reporting tools and Workforce Management tools to help myself and colleagues get things done.

  • 2001

    First Genesys University training

    Attended my first Genesys University training course. I had already had other training on popular ACD Phone systems by this time, namely Ericsson MD110 and Rockwell ACP 6000.

    This was the start of my career with Genesys - one that I am still enjoying today.

  • 2004

    Married with Kids

    I got married to my beautiful wife Jodie in 2004 and we had our first child William in 2004. Shortly afterwards in 2006 our second boy Cooper was born.

  • 2008

    HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery

    It was time to figure out what all this web development stuff was all about. I started learning these fundamental web languages and soon found Codeigniter. I have spent a lot of my spare time developing web apps ever since.

  • 2009

    SimplyCodeigniter Tutorials

    I discovered I really enjoyed doing video tutorials on Codeigniter and felt like I was giving back to the Codeigniter community by posting them to my Youtube channel. I created SimplyCodeigniter.com to house them. Although I stopped doing videos in 2012 I have over 2100 subscribers and my videos have been viewed over 525,000 times.

  • 2014

    Goodbye Codeigniter and JQuery

    I discovered AngularJS when I was looking for a better way to manage a project that was extremely Javascript intensive and involved heaps of AJAX requests. AngularJS is the perfect solution and also perfect for Phonegap mobile apps because of the responsiveness of SPAs. Laravel looks like a really great PHP Framework and has taken the lead in that respect. I'm looking forward to learning more about it and using it for future projects.

Work Experience

Contact Dynamix
2014 - Present
Director / Principal Consultant
Contact Dynamix is a small Professional Services organisation based in Brisbane Australia specialising in Genesys Contact Centre services and related application development. We provide services to Genesys and their partner services organisations for the design and implementation of Contact Centre solutions.
UXC Connect
2012 - 2014
Principal Solutions Consultant
Similar role to Senior Consultant with more of a focus on technical leadership and sales and project support. A highlight during this period was leading the preparation of a successful tender for a major new Contact Centre for an Australian federal government agency. I was also responsible for the design and delivery of the contact centre which encompassed a diverse range of Genesys solutions including GVP, eServices, Infomart, Virtual Hold, SIP BCP, Interaction Workspace and various custom solutions.
UXC Connect
Senior Solutions Consultant
Responsible for pre-sales, design and delivery of Genesys Contact Centre solutions. Worked as the Technical Lead on many contact centre projects.
UCMS Solutions
Senior Solutions Consultant
Responsible for pre-sales, design, delivery and support of Genesys Contact Centre solutions.
Ericsson Corporate Networks
Responsible for the delivery and support of Contact Centre solutions across MD110, Rockwell ACP6000 and Genesys.
Resource Planning Analyst
This role was responsible for creating daily management reports for the Optus Contact Centres and for executing call routing changes as required.
Link Telecommunications
Call Centre Statistician
Development of Reporting and Workforce Management processes and tools for the contact centre. Latterly included looking after Payroll for the 150+ seat centre.


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Available on Request

General Skills

VBA for Excel (degrading!)
Transact MySQL/MSSQL
Laravel 2
Not Bad
Pretty Good
All over it!

Genesys Skills

Solution Architecture / Design
Documentation - Design, Test, As-built...
Custom Solutions - Design / Develop
Genesys Administrator
SIP Server / T-Servers
Standard Reporting
Info Mart
Interactive Insights
eServices / Interaction Routing
Knowledge Management
Interaction Workspace
Workforce Management
Outbound Contact
GVP Development
IWD Routing
IWD Reporting
Not Bad
Pretty Good
All over it!

Application Development

Our Biggest Loser

I created this site in 2010 for my wife, some of her family and I to have a weight loss competition. The site is growing quite steadily and I'm very proud of it.

I recently created an Android app for the site using HTML5, CSS and AngularJS wrapped into an Android app using Phonegap.


Your Local Bargains

This was my first true entrepreneurial adventure and sadly it didn't work out. Back in 2009/2010 GroupOn was founded and I heard an early interview with the founder and thought it was such a great idea. I pictured in my head exactly how I would build the website. I built the site from the ground up and hired a web designer to make it look good.

Unfortunately by the time I finished developing it (it takes a while when you do it yourself in your spare time) clones of the GroupOn site were ALL OVER the net backed with big money. I'm pretty proud of what I was able to build off my own bat though even though it just ended up a learning experience.

I no longer own this site having sold it in 2014.


Web App Development